The 13th Annual Chili Cook Off was a great time as you had a chance to sample some very fine Chili's from 8-different contestants, and although I did try all the different entrants Chili, and they were all good, I was most impressed with the Bison-Brisket Chili served up by contestant #6 from the Axe & Barrel, which was my favorite.....

This community event invites everyone from the West Shore and beyond to enjoy and judge, amazing chili while interacting with the numerous organizations that call our community home. Last year, we had over 400+ attendees and this year we expect even more!

The Showcase was open to the public from 10am-5pm and between 11am-2pm attendees will be able to purchase a tasting kit allowing them to try all of the teams chili’s and vote for the one they think should win the People’s Choice Award!

.....and the winner is.....

Best Chili - Axe & Barrel Brewing Company.....

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