Architecture & Interiors

Our philosophy translates three-dimensional creations to the two-dimensional pixel settings, and while determining the project we can position people within the scenes to give a sense of the human scale as we work with angles and lighting to showcase architectural elements with either a one or two-point composition, and getting the message across simply with impact.





Fine Art:



Every image tells a story…..


Camera-Two Fine Art selections are located within 4-Galleries located on the bottom of the Bio Page on the website so please click the link located below to view…..


…..and of course you can have your image choices printed on any medium you like, however, I am particularly fond of printing on Canvas, or if you prefer, Giclée Printing that have the look of a painting, of which I have an amazing printing company who can print your selections to perfection and ship directly to your door…..


The reason I prefer printing on a Canvas is that they come pre-framed and finished with a protective coating, and if they get dusty the prints are easily cleaned with a damp cloth instead of having to go to the trouble of choosing a frame and placing the print behind a piece of glass, which inevitably can somewhat hide the artwork with the amount of glare on the glass that can be annoying, …..


Therefore Canvas or Giclée Prints are a far superior choice as all you have to do is hang your artwork and enjoy that make a great addition for your home, office, or as a gift…..


….. In addition, the best part is that my Artwork is sold at a price that will pleasantly surprise you, and if you care to view some actual samples, please inquire….. 








We Will Make You Look Better

Here you can see a before and after image of how Kevin @ Camera-Two can make your pictures even better by cleaning up your skin plus a few other Touch-Ups that range from…..

•    – Overall makeover to make your skin look clean and refreshed, for men and women...
•    – Reduction of eye and facial wrinkles...
•    – Reduction of under eye circles and bags...
•    – Cleanup of blemishes
•    – Facial skin softening and blending
•    – Minor flyaway hair cleanup

Please Call For Details, Or To Make An Appointment.....





Acting Headshots:


If you are an aspiring Actor or know of one, Kevin @ Camera-Two will fulfill your needs with Brilliant Acting Headshots, and the Samples you see were also Photographed for convenience on a Green-Screen with the background added later as the weather outside that day was Snowing & Blowing a Gale…..


For complete information with a Studio or Location Photo Session please click the link below to visit the website and or contact Kevin for details and to book your Actors Headshot session…..



"Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to hearing from you….."